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Early Literacy Exposure

It is never too early...and it is never too late to start!

Establishing a literacy rich environment during infancy and childhood lays the academic foundation for future learning. It provides opportunities to discriminate oral language, model sophisticated and grammatical practices, build and expand vocabulary and comprehension skills, and create a secure prior knowledge collection for future learning to occur. Strong and nurturing relationships are fostered through the close and direct contact during interactive read-alouds.

There are direct links correlating initial attachments with self-confidence, the ability to acquire new information, and the ability to empathize with others. When parents and caregivers place value on literacy, children tend to follow their actions and mimic their behaviors. Research supports interactive read-alouds during infancy and childhood establish a love of language and build stronger relationships. Play and exploration are important factors in the learning process. Rhymes and song are playful ways of infusing language. Children learn best when they are actively engaged. Reading books provides opportunities to discover and nurture areas of interest. Learning alters the brain through synaptic connections, so the brain literally grows with experiences.

Reading readiness encapsulates print knowledge, book knowledge, vocabulary, memory, phonological awareness, and comprehension. Children learn best through repeated exposures to materials and experiences, and acquire language and literacy. Through immersion, young children can physically alter their brains to lay the foundation for a life of learning.