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Danielle successfully defended the dissertation study in January 2016. Although the dissertation study has commenced, she continues to conduct the study with infants of all ages if you are interested in joining!  Feel free to contact us with any questions!

Thank you for helping us to make this world a better place one Baby S.T.E.P. at a time!

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Danielle successfully defended the dissertation study in January 2016. Although the dissertation study has commenced, she continues to conduct the study with infants of all ages if you are interested in joining!  Feel free to contact us with any questions!


Infant Reading Study 

Successfully Defended January 2016

The study can be done at your convenience in the comfort of your own home and can be designed around the most convenient time for you! You will also receive free personal feedback or support if you desire from an expert in the fields of early childhood development and early education.

Babies are needed for a 28 day reading study! Although I am actively recruiting infants for both groups, at the moment, I am desperately in need of infants for the control group. Perhaps infants that do not have an established reading routine yet. Specifically infants that do NOT like to listen to stories. If they get up and run away...even better :) The control group only needs one book, Brown Bear Brown Bear and it would only require one reading on day 1, day 14, and day 28. (If you read additionally, it is okay but not required like the intervention group.) In total, this group would only require less than 10 minutes for the whole entire month. This would be a wonderful option for the super busy parent that would like to begin to introduce reading gradually into the life of their child!

There will also be an intervention group of babies for the study. The intervention group will read to their babies daily for 28 days digitally recording (with iPhone/Android/etc.) day on day 1, 14, and 28. (Babies that currently have a reading routine will automatically be enrolled in the intervention group as to not disrupt the current schedule.)

This is a great opportunity to bond with your baby, as well as provide him/her with foundational skills that will help him/her to be successful when they attend school later in life. Although I am focused specifically on infants between the ages of 12-29 months, anyone interested is invited to participate.

As a kindergarten teacher, it is very clear, on the 1st day of school, which children are read to at home as babies. These children generally come to school ready to learn and to focus for longer periods of time. I am hoping this study provides the research required to show policy makers the importance of early childhood literacy exposure.  In as little as a few minutes a day, you can bond with your baby, offer a more diverse vocabulary, build stronger brain cells, develop oral language skills, create a larger prior know-ledge bank, and provide infants with the foundation they require for lifelong learning! Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I am happy to share my research with you!

Testimonial Section from

Past Participating Families:

"I am currently participating in the reading study with my 21 month old. It has given us both something to look forward to and has enhanced our home library with different book choices I may not have acquired on my own. I am looking forward to reading the study!!" - Miller Place, New York
My 22-month old son and I very much enjoyed participating in this study. It was also convenient and easy to do so. I very much appreciated the feedback and advise I was personally given. These tools I will always remember. Thank you. - Finland

"I'm doing it with my kiddo. No money or selling anything involved. Just helping future mommies and daddies know how to best teach their kids. It has been a very positive experience, I get to see my kids improvement, and know that I am impacting my child in a positive way. I know from doing research myself that the more people that are involved in a study the better it proves what you are doing. So if you are thinking about helping our teachers better understand reading in early childhood this is a great study to participate in!"- Akron, New York

"I have noticed that my son is much more engaged in reading- something that increased tremendously over the course of the study. He will hand me books and insist that I read them now at least once or twice a day. He will pick up books and say phrases from them. He is developing stronger picture- object associations: he understands that a picture of a plane represents an airplane. He really enjoys reading and cuddling together too. When I ask him if he wants to read a book he says "yeah" and runs to get a book and hands it to me. I love the time that reading gives us together as well. I've also begun to memorize some of the stories and at times repeating them is the only thing that calms him when he is fussy. I enjoyed participating in your study and receiving feedback about my son's growth over the course of the project. Thank you! - Goshen, New York

"This was such a wonderful opportunity to share with my baby.  Thank you." - Singapore
Even though it is only day 14 of the study, this mom reported, "before this study (my baby) would never even keep focused to follow along like he does now, it's amazing!" - Franklin Square, New York

"(My baby) loves to explore books for fun now."- Malaysia

"My husband and I really enjoyed the study! We normally read to (our baby) throughout the day.  In the study, we had noticed the baby  would stop playing with his toys at times to bring up books to us to read with an "oooo" or an "aaahhhhh".  My husband mentioned a few times that he realized how important routine is. (he was able to get to sleep much easier those nights!) (Our baby) really liked Pat the Bunny book and recently brings it to the dinning room table when we eat. He also enjoyed we are going on a bears hunt.  He absolutely loves and adores brown bear brown bear! Over the weekend we went into the local bookstore and he went straight to the panda bear panda bear what do you see book that was on display next to brown bear!" - Esopus, New York

 "By the end of the study, my son flipped through not only that book but also other books pointing to objects that he found familiar and even began imitating words and recognizing sounds.  He is starting to take more responsibility in his reading and likes to flip the pages himself.  He definitely prefers the same book over and over again so he can recognize the pages and find familiar objects. It was a great experience to participate in the study!" -Poughkeepsie, New York
"I found this study very interesting!  When the study started my son was 3 months old. To be able to see how he grew and became more aware and interested in books in a month was really neat.  He loves looking at the pictures and grabbing the pages while I read to him!" - Levitown, New York

"My son does like books more, and will sit longer even for books that don't interest him as much. Before, when I would try to read to him, he would run off before I finished the first or second page. Now he will sit for a few pages of some of these books. We'll continue reading to him every day now that it's part of our routine, and have already gone to the library to get more books!" - Mount Prospect, Illinois 

I've loved seeing your assessments of the boys through the weeks. It's not very common to get that feedback. :) I'd say over the month they've become more engaged with reading.- Columbus, Ohio

This was a super fun study to participate in. I found your study and instruction to be very simple to follow, even with my limited understanding of You Tube. I would encourage other parents to participate, especially those that may not currently read to their children every night. It’s so much fun to watch them get excited about books and intrigued by learning! - Kalamazoo, Michigan 
e looked forward to our Wednesday sessions of videotaping while reading 'Brown Bear Brown Bear'. We were always surprised and delighted by our toddler's reactions, and now we have these great little videos to cherish -- that we probably never would have made otherwise. - Jackson Heights, New York
My daughter loved the repetitiveness of the book. After we stopped taping the last reading she started reading it to us! It was so cute. She didn’t actually say the words but used the same tone as I did! I think she liked the reading more than just the book. We are a pretty busy family so it was nice to do this and take more time out for just her. - Richmond, Indiana
My son and I love participating and it's helped me stay focus and taking the time out to do this with him. I seen great improvement myself and can't believe how smart he is. I could see how he listens and copies everything I do at such a young age it's incredible. I'm amaze how he holds his books, stares at the pages and now turns pages. When I asked him questions he would use his hands to try to gesture answers and Now he uses his voice. We would love to be part of whatever else you need. Just let us know!- Mineola, New York
Our son definitely enjoyed reading these books. He seemed to look forward to them each night and would sometimes clap or say hooray when I showed him what we were reading. He eagerly turned pages to see what happens next. Now he regularly requests the books that we read during the study.- Middletown, New York
I'm so happy with the results of this study. Im happy because I could do it, and my husband got involved as well. Now we take turns to read him and he enjoys a lot. Most of the times when we are playing, I offer to him different toys and books, and he choose a book! After the study, I noticed that my son is more focused and interested when we read to him, and as well I have notice more interaction He smiles, laugh "say" something, shows excitement. Also, reading to him before going to bed has helped me to set a sleeping routine,. He knows that after reading is time to go to bed and he goes happily to sleep.Thank you very much for the opportunity of participating in your research. Im very grateful with you - El Paso, Texas
I have definitely seen changes in his behavior though since the start of the study and I do want to thank you for that. We plan to create a monthly reading schedule like you had assigned to us and swap different books into the rotation each month to keep him excited to read new books but equally as excited to visit his favorite characters and pages in the books we've read together before. Should you need any testimonials or any references for further participants, please feel free to let me know or put me in touch with someone that might be interested. I would be happy to give your study a glowing recommendation and think what you are doing is wonderful. - Huntington, NY

Over the past month my son has started bringing me books and has figured out how to turn pages, rather than just slamming them closed (which was a favorite activity for quite some time). He also makes it through an entire story without crying, which, prior to starting the videos, rarely happened.I'm very excited to finally begin reading on a regular basis so he will share my love of books as he grows up!- Appleton, Wisconsin

There were 150 infants who participated in the study. Demographically, they were from across the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, and Finland!

Please share this information with anyone that you think might be interested in participating in future reading studies.

If you would like to participate in the study, these are the steps:

1. Sign Page 3 of the Parental Consent Form. You are welcome to sign digitally to save in and paper

2. Submit the signed permission form. You are welcome to copy and paste consent form into an email or take a photograph of the permission form and email it to me at  

3. Once you submit the consent form, Please fill out this brief 2 minutes survey so that I can assign your baby a confidential ID number - 

​4. - Once I receive the survey, I will send you the short training video and reading calendar, along with the confidential ID number.

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